Welcome To Your Own

Established in 2020, Always Welcome is a multi-brand collective of Southern Africa’s leading designer-maker studios with flagship stores in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Alongside our extensive online marketplace we have expanded to include partner showrooms in Namibia and Hamburg, Germany.

Our unique diversity of designers, celebrated artistic voices, and creative campaigning is making the space an incubator of new ideas that architects, interior designers and cultural critics look to for inspiration, and where the public can experience a curated collection of the best in Southern African design.

We look forward to you experiencing the craftsmanship and quality of Southern African design, and becoming as passionate about supporting these inspirational, and highly collectable, design studios as we are.

We look forward to welcoming you to your own.


Designer Membership

At Always Welcome we believe that the design industry is stronger together and have, since launching at the height of the pandemic, set out to reduce the risk on individual studios by joining together under a unique membership model.

If you are a designer-manufacturer from the continent and believe you have the goods then we invite you to apply to join us and take advantage of the power of the collective in reaching your goals.

"Always Welcome has changed the idea of being in opposition with other designers to one of being in a symbiotic relationship with one another, where it is clear that we are stronger as a collective,”

Phillip Hollander - Houtlander

“I think what makes what Always Welcome is doing so interesting is that the aesthetic they are creating isn’t specifically Southern African, but is one that is still unfolding, and I suspect ultimately it will be the customer who defines what it is,”

Thabisa Mjo - Mash.T Studio

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