From Johannesburg to Cape Town, meet the designers who are members of the Always Welcome store.

African Jacquard

Ananta is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded by sisters Viveka and Rucita Vassen. The studio’s driving mission is to uplift through creativity, and economically empower the craft communities they work with. Re-imagining traditional techniques, they design collectable pieces that, ‘play with the FUN in fun-ctional,’ creating pieces filled with colour, pattern, joy, celebration and community.


Ananta Studio

Ananta is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘endless’ and ‘infinite’. It represents the endless creative possibilities we see ahead, as well as the circular concept of creation - no beginning or end.

We are a sister-duo working with artisan communities, collaborating and creating contemporary FUN-ctional art and collectible pieces. By re-imagining traditional techniques in a modern context, we preserve our heritage and crafts, while uplifting families through economic empowerment and social prosperity.

Being able to create and at the same time empower others, brings so much more joy and meaning to what we do.


Arrange Studio

Arrange Studio is based in South Africa and run by Roxanne Ferreira. An intrinsic love for lighting design and affinity for colour spurred her on to create Arrange Studio's first table lamp. Follow @arrange_studio on Instagram for more.

Art Gazette

Art Gazette is a carefully curated platform that supports artists while encouraging a wider audience for contemporary art. Artist, printmaker and curator Morné Visagie is the co-founder of Art Gazette South Africa and works closely with writer, artist and curator Chloë Reid in Johannesburg. Visagie and Reid have collaborated on multiple projects since their first meeting in 2008 and share a commitment to broadening the scope for contemporary art in South Africa through curatorial practice.


Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Bofred was established in 2015 by Christa Botha and Carla Erasmus. The Bofred team's design philosophy is reflected in the linear shapes, colours and rich textures of natural hand-crafted materials they use to design – and locally produce – bespoke collections of furniture, lighting, and art.

Bookward Bound Bindery was started by artist, printmaker and book obsessed, Elize de
Beer. The studio and bindery is located in Johannesburg, South Africa, on a farm within
of The Cradle of Humankind.

The studio and bindery takes on commissions of one-off bespoke projects such as photo
albums, publishing short runs of up to 200 books, as well as merchandise for retailers
and creatives. Making use of traditional and contemporary techniques, and a variety of
materials and processes to find the right fit for each project. Alongside these activities,
the Bookward Bound Bindery also produces unique marbled papers used in the studio
and bindery, and sold to clients for their own creative projects.

Curación Collection

Driven by a deep passion to articulate a unique story and formidable point of view, Cape Town-based Curación Collection, founded by Dylan Thomaz and Adrian Beukes, have created a collection of furniture, lighting and textiles that aims to make good design accessible to everyone and enhance the way people live.

Deft Studio

Established in 2020 by designer-makers Martin Tallie and Zani Alberts, the duo combined their set of architectural skills and applied them to the line of furniture design. Deft. advocates longevity through simplicity & quality craftsmanship where every piece is designed and carefully crafted by a small team of passionate makers. Furniture intended to spark joy in our everyday surroundings.


Design Africa

Design Afrika was established in 1995 by Binky Newman after 15 years of involvement in various aspects of African craft. She had just left the Okavango Delta, where she had run a wilderness camp for five years, taking with her the intricately woven baskets of the Hambukushu women. These became the first products in the Design Afrika collection of finely made handwork. Binky’s passion for baskets has taken her to many remote parts of the continent to track down weavers and she is now an acknowledged reference in African basketry.

Binky and her team at Design Afrika strive to nurture the creative and entrepreneurial initiative of rural communities by encouraging the production of high quality, on trend products. By promoting well-made, functional and artistic craft, Design Afrika aims to contribute to the acknowledgement of Africa as a source of inspiration and design skills. Design Afrika is passionate about the sustainability of its products and to this end, adheres to ethical and fair trade business practice.

Dokter and Misses

Established in 2007 by industrial designer Adriaan Hugo and graphic designer Katy Taplin, the proudly ‘Made in Johannesburg’ Dokter and Misses studio is an award-winning multi-disciplinary product design company whose highly collectible pieces have become icons of the local contemporary design language and exhibited globally.

Douglas & Company

Douglas & Company is a Cape Town based multidisciplinary design studio with projects ranging from architecture and interior design to bespoke furniture and collectible design. The studio’s design focus is to bring excitement back to daily experiences and find delight in the ordinary, made by hand in Cape Town.

Gone Rural

Gone Rural was founded by Jenny Thorne in 1992 with the mission of creating economic empowerment for rural women in Eswatini through basket weaving. Offering home based work to over 700 rural artisans in often remote communities, Gone Rural provide market access, product design, materials and training to the women in order to earn an income for their beautiful traditional handcraft. The brand has gone on to become globally recognized for producing high quality table ware, contemporary home products, lighting and woven wall art.


Goodman Gallery

Goodman Gallery is an international contemporary art gallery that has held the reputation of a pre-eminent art gallery on the African continent since 1966. With locations in Johannesburg, Cape Town and London, the gallery represents artists whose work confronts entrenched power structures and inspires social change.

House of Harhaz

Kwazulu-Natal based studio House of Harhaz was born of founder Zahra Moosa’s passion for interiors, as well as a desire to create unique pieces from designing clothing to creating lifestyle collections, like their range of hand-blown glass specially crafted by Egyptian artisans in Cairo.


Founded by designer-makers Phillip Hollander and Stephen Wilson, the multi-award-winning Johannesburg-based Houtlander studio embrace traditional forms but find inspiration in technology to create their furniture that is now found in many of the world’s most beautiful homes, hospitality environments and special collections.



Indigenus, founded in 2014, is the brainchild of Cape Town local, Peter van der Post. At the beginning of his career, whilst working in roto-moulding, Peter noticed a lack of high design planters in the market and the vision to produce the most beautiful, original and desirable planters began to grow. Over the past 8 years the Indigenus team have collaborated with South Africa’s top designers to create planters that are art pieces in their own right. Indigenus is focused on collaboration with the world’s top designers and artists. We are committed to constant refinement and a willingness to be courageous, curious and experimental with natural materials and new designs. We have built solid distributor networks and relationships that we are committed to maintaining and growing globally. We are proud of our roots as an African luxury brand with a global footprint.

Inland Collective

Inland Collective is a glass and mirror product design company founded by husband and wife team Brett Rubin and Io Makandal in 2020. Working in respective careers as a photographer, artist and designer, they combine and apply these sensibilities to create functional form and coloured mirrors and glassware that accent interior spaces. Their debut collection, Cosmos, draws inspiration from the alchemic make-up of the cosmos along with geometric form. Their products and services include their own mirror designs as well as producing custom made requests for glass printing, coloured mirror and blown glass objects.

Joe Paine

Joe Paine is a product and furniture design label aimed at creating products that are inventive, but simple and sophisticated. The products range from planters, indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, levitating candles and more. They are conceived by innovation and invention, born through modernist ideals, understood through prototype and experience, and finally evolve into unique and original objects.

"My products do not purely rely on visual aesthetics alone. How the user interacts with the product is very important to me."

Khwebula Arts

Khwebula Arts take great pride in producing fine solid wood furniture that combines the best of Scandinavian and African design. Founded by designer Sipho Khwebula Twala in 2014, the studio specialises in manufacturing artistic functional furniture pieces that celebrate their passion for carpentry and computer-aided design.



Kino is an award winning furniture studio by designers Nico Hendriksz and Anton Louw specialising in freestanding, solid-wood furniture items of the highest quality. All pieces are designed and manufactured in-house by a small team of skilled and passionate craftsmen.


Kirsten Goss Abode

Kirsten Goss is an independent jewellery design company specialising in locally- manufactured, high-end, every-day jewellery for the independently-minded, discerning wearer. The company opened its doors in London 18 years ago and subsequently opened 4 shops in South Africa. The collections are made by an in- house team of goldsmiths, using a variety of unusual gemstones and fine materials. KG specialises in limited-edition and one-off pieces that are modern, sophisticated and fashion-forward, but always classic. Love them today - love them always.

“Fun, sophistication and luxury all rolled up into one luscious experience”, is how
Kirsten would best describe the brand. Kirsten Goss now ventures into the homeware realm, introducing the ABODE collection.


Mash.T Studio

Mash.T Design Studio creates award-winning furniture, lighting and accessories that celebrate African craft. Founded by designer Thabisa Mjo, the studio brings together technology and traditional crafts to tell uniquely South African stories, using the medium of design.

Over the years, Mash.T’s unique and contemporary design aesthetic has received coveted accolades such as “South African Designer of the Year, 2019” and “Most Beautiful Object in South Africa” for its award-winning, Tutu 2.0 Pendant Light.

Mash.T has showcased globally at exhibitions such as Milan Design Week 2019, 100% Design UK and currently has products represented at the Bonne Esperance Gallery in Paris. A passion for collaboration and supporting the local design scene also led to the studio curating “Sacrosanct”, a collective showing of South African design at Milan Design Week, 2019.

Meuble Furniture

Soft, warm and contemporary, Meuble Furniture aims to design and manufacture timeless furniture pieces that remain relevant, and last for generations. By celebrating shapes that are simple and pure in form, Meuble expresses the material and joint details of their pieces wherever possible, creating a newness, but also a sense of nostalgia, that links memory and place.


MONN Carpets

Emerging from the same family responsible for the legendary Nouwens carpet group, MONN’s new range of ready-to-buy rugs takes MONN's premium bespoke-made Axminster and Wilton carpets, and innovative ranges of commercial carpet tiles, straight into your home.

When renowned carpet-maker Pieter Nouwens launched MONN in 2012, he heralded in a new era of quality carpet manufacturing. The MONN brand - an acronym for the names of Pieter’s sons:
Marcus, Oscar and Nicholas Nouwens – encapsulates the skills, talents, experience and sterling reputation of five generations of carpet-making craftsmanship.


Coming soon...



Neimil is a Johannesburg-based design and lifestyle brand that was founded by Keneilwe Mothoa & Lubabalo Mxalisa in 2018. Focusing on interior design, fashion and art, Neimil tells authentic African stories through their shared love for design and photography, merging the two worlds to create uniquely designed, handcrafted products that are perfect for the modern space or closet.



NØDE adopts a design-driven approach to working with industrial manufacturing methods, enhanced by surface textures and detailing. Continuously innovating and developing new production and
manufacturing techniques, the studio endeavours to strike a balance between clean engineering and a sophisticated natural appeal.


When Okra Candle founders Erik & Michelle met – two minds fell in love. With Erik’s Masters’ degree in Biochemistry & Computer Aided Designs, and Michelle’s background in being a Creative Professional specialising in Trend & Design and also being a qualified Aroma Therapist – the opportunity to craft something truly exceptional was undeniable, and the idea of creating luxury candles based on 3D design, was born.

The name emerged on a trip back from Langebaan, listening to Ben Howard when Erik and Michelle settled on the name okra, due to the vegetable’s unique and distinctive attributes, in both name and form. Each hand poured candle embodies a feeling of sophistication and grandeur – adding an exclusive element of design to your home or event. With personally blended aromas that suit taste and personal aesthetic.

Oliver Whyte

Oliver Whyte is an award winning design studio that places materials, techniques and processes at the heart of its practice. Founded by Ross Robertson in 2019 and based in Cape Town, the studio explores the reimagination of what furniture could be and tries to inject imagination, fun and joy into every piece.


Pichulik is an ethical jewellery and accessories atelier based in Cape Town, South Africa. The brand was founded by Katherine-Mary Pichulik in 2013, and has grown into a ‘strong women and one man team’.

Quazi Design

Quazi Design creates sustainable design for social impact. We are based in Eswatini, Southern Africa and use 100% waste paper to make our products, providing a living wage to our community of local women artisans. We are a founding member of SWIFT Eswatini Fair Trade Network and adhere to all the fair trade principles.

Ronel Jordaan

Ronel Jordaan began working as a textile designer in 1977, leading her to begin experimenting with transforming pure merino wool into nature-inspired furniture and decor pieces. In 2003, Ronel began a small business producing these original designs, channelling her belief in social responsibility and upliftment into a business that has become internationally celebrated today.


Sett & Beat

Sett & Beat is a mother and daughter brand that, like many creative endeavours, grew out of a hobby and passion. Having grown up on a sheep farm in Victoria West, South Africa, Sandi took an interest in fibres and textiles in her twenties. In 2020, her daughter Camila decided to join Sandi to form Sett & Beat, a conscious textile studio. Their offering centres around bespoke textiles that includes curtaining and sheers using locally sourced mohair and botanically dyed fibres.


Skinny laMinx

In 2007 Skinny laMinx founder Heather Moore started screenprinting her patterns onto fabric, just for fun. Next thing, her hobby had become a business and now the fabrics she’d designed can be found in stores & homes around the globe. The brand, ‘…prioritises excellence, creativity and fun while treating people and the planet right.’

Something Good Studio

Working with artists and designers who communicate strong positive messages via their work in a collaborative textile design studio based in Johannesburg, Something Good Studio was founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Zydia Botes to use art and design to encourage well-being, happiness and purpose.

The Urbanative

The Urbanative is a multi-award winning contemporary African furniture and product design company based in South Africa. All of the products are designed and manufactured in South Africa by Mpho Vackier — an engineer turned furniture designer — with the aim of telling contemporary African stories through furniture and product design.


Vorster & Braye

In 2013 Cape Town-based chartered accountant Martin Vorster and electro-mechanical engineer Colin Braye turned their passion for ceramics into a business that has since grown into one of the country’s leading ceramics studios. From planters to plates, their handmade ceramics set out to outlast fleeting trends.

Waldman Studio

Founded by Gina Waldman — a large scale installation artist living in Johannesburg — Waldman Studios collaborates with interior decorators to create artworks that have a feeling of authenticity and that create experiential connections between people, spaces and places.

Wanderland Collective

Founded in 2018, Wanderland is run by Joburg duo Carike Greffrath and Kalika Painter.
The intention of the brand has always been to create a collective of local talented artists that form a rich in narrative South African story.

"The strength of the collection lies in the juxtaposition of the eclectic styles of the different artists. When brought together a uniquely South African visual story comes to life. Wanderland is a place where art meets beautiful product design. We believe that the strength of the brand lies in the collective of local talent. It is when the works of these very diverse artists are showcased alongside one another that a distinctly South African and authentic narrative starts to show itself! Our diversity makes us so much more interesting when we are seen as a whole.
This is the ethos of what we are trying to bring to life aesthetically."

Robin Sprong

Robin Sprong Wallpaper is the realisation of Robin’s drive to create one of the world’s leading surface design studios, with bespoke and custom-made pieces of the highest quality for local and international clientele. RSW was launched in 2006, and within the first year garnered industry attention. "What sets the work apart, then and now, is a focus on creative collaboration and artistic nurturance."

Studio Kalki

Kalki Ceramics began in 2019, founded by architects and multi-disciplinary creatives Nindya and Nikhil Tricam, utilizing Nindya’s expertise as a ceramic artist and surface designer, and Nikhil’s experience in high-end residential and hospitality design, to bring beautiful, locally-made South African tiles to the market. The studio is proudly South African, with all of our operations based in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, and the vast majority of our materials sourced locally.