From the humble Houtlander milk bench to the awe-inspiring Preservation bench, these are the benches every house needs.

The Johannesburg-based Houtlander studio’s benches are known and loved for their contemporary yet timeless reinterpretation of classic spindle furniture. Since founding Houtlander in 2016, Phillip Hollander and Stephen Wilson have placed the bench at the cornerstone of their design philosophy. As lovers of craft, timber and history Houtlander’s work is a testament to the power of design to honour the past while looking firmly to the future. 

The Houtlander studio have also become internationally celebrated and made headlines over the years for their experimental and groundbreaking approach to design by moving the humble spindle style into more sculptural expressions of furniture-making.

Houtlander’s awe-inspiring Preservation Bench — a towering 3m high hardwood bench that soars into the sky, twisting around itself in a helix that must be one of Instagram’s most photographed pieces of furniture — is one of the best known of their Collectible Design range. They also won Design Indaba’s Most Beautiful Object In South Africa award in 2019 for their Interdependence Bench, that further tests the limits of furniture design and the spindle aesthetic. 


Houtlander Preservation Bench 

First emerging in the Victorian era, the Spindle - also known as bobbin or spool - is having a real moment in design, connecting the past with the present with a style that is totally on-trend and that allows your interiors to travel. It’s no wonder Always Welcome customers can’t get enough of the classic-yet-minimalist Houtlander milk bench, Houtlander curved bench, Houtlander carver bench and Houtlander diner bench. 

Aside from comfort and quality part of the success of the Houtlander bench has been that each Houtlander bench can be customised to create your own perfect bench. From wood finish to upholstery, paint or natural, and even the option to include woven rattan in your bench, the world is your oyster when buying a Houtlander bench. So make sure when considering your purchase to explore the myriad options available to you when deciding how their benches can best suit your interior. 

Here are five Houtlander benches at the Always Welcome Store to love (and own!)

Houtlander Curved Milk Bench

Curved Milk Bench

Houtlander Rattan Milk Bench

Rattan Milk Bench

Houtlander Carver Bench
Houtlander Diner Bench
Houtlander Studio Bench